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Business in the Parliament 2018


On October 26th, 2018, Professor Mike Chantler took part to the Business in the Parliament Conference, held at the Scottish Parliament.

This link will get you to the presentation slides.

New Pages


We have added two pages on our website!

Follow this link to get the list of people working at the Strategic Futures Lab.
Follow this link to see the list of our academic publications, and conference presentations.

Topic Mapping Demo


On Wednesday 10th October 2018 was held the ORCA Hub Open Day. On that occasion the Strategic Futures Laboratory presented demonstrations of Topic Mapping applications.

Three Topic Maps were shown:

  • The ORCA Papers map, showcasing the acadmic publication of the ORCA Hub researh.
  • The OGA publications map, summarising the Oil & Gas Authority public reports from the past year.
  • The AMI Corpus map, highlighting the use of Topic Mapping with video content.

Topic Modelling
The good, the bad and the ugly


On Thursday 27th April, 2017 Professor Mike Chantler gave a presentation at the Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup titled 'Topic Modelling: the good, the bad and the ugly'. We've set up a page where you can find the abstract and the slides used for the presentation!

Click here to get more information and download the slides used!

D3.js Taster & Survival Guide:
Introduction and Materials


On March 30th, 2017 Professor Chantler presented a D3.js Taster & Survival Guide as part of DataFest 2017. We've set up a page where you can find the slides used for the presentation, live examples of the code from the talk, as well as a link to download all the slides and source code to use to further your own leaning.

Click here to get more information or explore the live D3.js examples!

9 Years of UK & EU Research:
New Design


Our 9 Years of UK & EU Research Topic Hex Map application just got better! We constantly reflect on new ways to improve our visualisations in order to make them more meaningful. Following that philosophy, and using feedback from our users, we have re-designed the application to include charts and interactions that will make it easier for you to explore and compare the topics.

Follow this link to discover what's new!

Topic Hex Maps:
9 Years of UK & EU Research


Today we announce a new section of our website to house our newest visualisation innovation: Topic Hex Maps.
A Topic Hex Map is a tool we developed to summarize any text portfolio in an easy to navigate, structured hexagonal grid. Using only text as input, we extract topics from it and place them as hexagons on a regular grid. This map format allows for quick and efficient browsing of the core subjects in the corpus supplied. For more information please click here to go to the new section.

In honour of this new technique, we've also uploaded our first major map: a comparison between British and European funded grants. This analysis was carried out using 37,000 research grant documents, all of which had a start date of September 2007 or later. The datasets used were provided by the RCUK for the UK, and FP7 and H2020 for the EU. We hope this interactive Topic Hex Map will shed new light on the similarities and differences between UK and EU funding.

Well Sorted, Organising the World


In our previous incarnation, we started work on a remote card-sorting and meeting organisation tool called Well Sorted. The culmination of over two years hard work, testing, and refinement from our laboratory, so far Well Sorted has been used by 6 of the UK's research councils (EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, AHRC, NERC, BBSRC), as well as InnovateUK and over 30 different UK universities.

We are currently working hard to add exciting new functionality, new training materials, and new interactive visualisations to Well Sorted, so stay tuned for upcoming developments! For more information, either visit our page here, or go straight to the Well Sorted webpage!

New Website!


Our laboratory has a new name and a new website! What was once known as the TextureLab, is now the Strategic Futures Laboratory. We have a new, wider remit which you can read about over on our About Page. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be putting more information on this page about our current projects, future plans, and past accomplishments. Until then please bear with us while we get these pages up and running!

If you want to get in touch, please head to our contact page, or to our previous website here if you want to get in touch with a specific person.